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well, since my first post got eaten...here we go again.

the abbreviated version:
This is a Joan of Arcadia RPG. I'm Maureen, your mod. I play Kevin Girardi. If you have any questions, comments, curiosities or concerns about this game, IM me on AIM at aretz18. I'm generally always on, but might be away so leave a message if I am and I'll get back to you. I like feedback. Will plot for cookies too.

taken characters:
kevin girardi
helen girardi
grace polk

open characters (no original characters atm):
joan girardi
luke girardi
will girardi
adam rove

G-d will be a sockpuppet played by me. This could change, however, as G-d only interacts with Joan, do not expect a lot of intervention from G-d. The focus of this game is character interaction to explore new avenues that the show hasn't or to go into greater detail than the show has, not individual self-contained plots directed by G-d.

so welcome and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!
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It's the new, the improved, JoA RPG! [insert applause] I will now sit and wait for the time to start the game.
Hey, uh, are there any hot girls here?