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Arcadia Life
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Friday, February 13th, 2004
8:50 pm
Monday, February 2nd, 2004
8:37 pm
Thursday, January 29th, 2004
8:47 pm
Hi. This is Jig/Friedman, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a Friedman icon. Last time I checked, the JoA icon site didn't have any, or maybe it did and I'm crazy or something.


I'm going to go now.




Friedman says bye too.

Have A Nice Day,

Current Mood: curious
12:48 am
I had a couple ideas for Adam that really depend upon everyone else.

The first is that I see him going one of two ways. There was a specific line in the episode "The Fire and the Wood" that my imagination has really been playing with:

Adam - Shah, look around you. I talk to angels. (Joans eyes get all big) Relax Jane, its a metaphor.

Joan - But, what if you actually could talk to angels?

Adam - Id keep my mouth shut.

I see this as indicative of a potential case of schitzophrenia, especially given the circumstances of his mother's death, that could be triggered by some further traumatic event. So he could simply use this as a creative muse, or things could get much, much darker... and I'm not really sure which way it'll go yet because I don't feel like I've sufficiently crawled into Adam's skin yet.

The other idea was related to the angel thing as well but also to his recording hobby. I was thinking it might be kind of cool if Adam decided to learn to play guitar so that he could begin writing music and maybe start a band or something. It would be a great chance for further character interaction, and I can just picture Grace on the drums!

Lemme know what ya'll think.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
3:54 pm
MOD more members!
Taken characters:

Open characters:

woot us! I've been trying to keep this game quiet so as not to further upset Gin (a belated attempt at politeness on my part). I'm amazed, without any advertising we have a nearly full cast. This rocks my socks...Fly, wanna get sushi and celebrate? ;)

Current Mood: accomplished
11:34 am
I'd like to get Kevin into college, most likely arcadia community college for now. I also want him to major in kinesiology, partly so he can bond with Luke over chemistry homework, but partly because I think he'd like that major. And no, he doesn't need to quit his day job ;)

also, a plot I thought of for everyone would involve going to the zoo one day. It'd be fairly massive, but it could work.
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
11:14 pm
(okay so I lied) MOD post 5
we now have an Adam Rove too. yay us. he's my b/f (so it's nice that he's playing someone that Kevin would NEVER date) so expect lots of insanity.

also, we have a Joan too, but Helen Girardi has opened up. eek! first day (night) confusion! It won't always be like this, honest!

I want plot ideas from people in the next couple days, we'll officially start playing this weekend. plots don't need to cover the entire cast, either.
10:54 pm
MOD post 4 (last one, I swear)

I want a fairly detailed bio, so put some thought into this.
Player Info:
Name (either real or online):
any gaming experience?
location (ie country and time zone):
anything else?
Character Info:
grade in school (if applicable):
hobbies & likes/dislikes:
background (history, pertinent info):
character goals (as a person grows and changes with events, so should your character, how do you want your character to change in the future?):
10:49 pm
MOD post 3
where are we starting continuity-wise? well...I'm an X-Man fan so continuity doesn't really mean much to me. I'd rather not rewrite the entire show, but I don't want any established couples either. Why? Because seeing Joan date Friedman would be interesting. Or Glynis date Friedman. I'm picking on Friedman ;) my point is, while Joan and Adam could end up together here, I don't want it to been seen as an obligation. So...why don't we start from Bringeth it On? For those who don't know, it's episode #6 (I think) and Joan tries out for cheerleading. Sound good? No? let me know if this works for you guys! **Oh! We need a Rebecca Askew too. forgot her :(
10:42 pm
MOD post 2
posts to individual journals (such as wheelsinthesky) are for personal persons, it can be Helen's grocery list or some deep introspective poetry from Grace. If you set it up so that the post can be found then any characters this affects can comment. Otherwise, characters should not respond to them, although players can comment and whatnot. Part of this so players can get a 'feel' for their character and so we, as players, know what each others characters are thinking.

posts to arcadia_life (such as this one) are for MOD posts (as I am loathe to go through the hassle of trying to create ANOTHER community tonight)LOG posts, or PLOT posts. Please specifiy which type of post they are (aka - players should only be posting LOG or PLOT posts) in large capital letters.

Logs are scenes between characters which take place in 3rd person past or present tense. Characters can comment on them if it is realistic that they do so, players, always can.

PLOT posts are just that - plot ideas or whatnot. feel free to post ideas.

Current Mood: Moddish
10:28 pm
well, since my first post got eaten...here we go again.

the abbreviated version:
This is a Joan of Arcadia RPG. I'm Maureen, your mod. I play Kevin Girardi. If you have any questions, comments, curiosities or concerns about this game, IM me on AIM at aretz18. I'm generally always on, but might be away so leave a message if I am and I'll get back to you. I like feedback. Will plot for cookies too.

taken characters:
kevin girardi
helen girardi
grace polk

open characters (no original characters atm):
joan girardi
luke girardi
will girardi
adam rove

G-d will be a sockpuppet played by me. This could change, however, as G-d only interacts with Joan, do not expect a lot of intervention from G-d. The focus of this game is character interaction to explore new avenues that the show hasn't or to go into greater detail than the show has, not individual self-contained plots directed by G-d.

so welcome and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Current Mood: MOD
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