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I had a couple ideas for Adam that really depend upon everyone else.

The first is that I see him going one of two ways. There was a specific line in the episode "The Fire and the Wood" that my imagination has really been playing with:

Adam - Shah, look around you. I talk to angels. (Joans eyes get all big) Relax Jane, its a metaphor.

Joan - But, what if you actually could talk to angels?

Adam - Id keep my mouth shut.

I see this as indicative of a potential case of schitzophrenia, especially given the circumstances of his mother's death, that could be triggered by some further traumatic event. So he could simply use this as a creative muse, or things could get much, much darker... and I'm not really sure which way it'll go yet because I don't feel like I've sufficiently crawled into Adam's skin yet.

The other idea was related to the angel thing as well but also to his recording hobby. I was thinking it might be kind of cool if Adam decided to learn to play guitar so that he could begin writing music and maybe start a band or something. It would be a great chance for further character interaction, and I can just picture Grace on the drums!

Lemme know what ya'll think.
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