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One of the perks of being the only person home during the day was that when someone forgot their lunch or needed an errand run, it was Kevin's responsibility. That wasn't to say that he was the house elf for the Girardi family, but it did keep him fairly busy in between filling out job applications.

Today was no exception. Luke had forgotten his homework and had called him for it shortly after getting to school, which had led him to his current dilemna of being hopelessly and utterly lost in Arcadia High School without a hall pass. His mom was in the office working and he hadn't wanted to disturb her until it was her lunch break, but he did need to find classroom 216.

Finally he saw a girl leave a class room and walk down the hall, her back towards him. He quickly pushed his wheelchair faster so he could catch up to her, "Hey!" he called, trying to get her attention.

At the loud shout Glynis turned to face a guy in a wheelchair coming her way. Looking down the deserted hallway to make sure he wasn't talking to someone else she shoved a piece of hair behind her ear and turned back to the boy. "Me?"

"Yeah," Kevin huffed, breathing hard from trying to catch up to her. "You know where room 216 is?"

"Yeah, it's um, that way," she stammered, pointing in the direction she'd been heading. "I was actually, heading that way. I could show you," she droped her arm and shifted the books she was holding against her chest. "If you want."

"Lead on, Mac Duff," Kevin announced, "Do you want me to take your books? They look heavy."

"Oh," Glynis shot a quick look at his chair before continuing on. "Thanks, but I'm okay."

Kevin caught the glance and wanted to scream, instead he just said, "It's not a problem. Funny thing about being a paraplegic is that you don't have feeling in your legs. Means books and things don't feel heavy."

A guilty look passed over Glynis' face as she realized her misstep. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm really sorry."

Kevin shrugged, still not quite used to his new life, "I shouldn't have been so rude either. Truce?" he smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Kevin Girardi."

"Oh, are you Luke's brother?" Glynis said as she shifted her books and accepted Kevin's hand. "We're in some of the same classes. He's really sweet," a smile spread across her face as she talked.

Almost as an afterthought she added, "I'm Glynis."

"Yeah, I'm his older brother. He forgot his homework this morning, so I'm pretending to be responsible in the hopes our Mom will buy me lunch," Glynis' comment about his brother finally sunk in and he looked at her askance, "Wait...since when is the little geek 'sweet'?"

Glynis ducked her head to hide the bright blush that was quickly spreading across her face. "I just meant that he's really nice andsmartand..." the words tripped over eachother as she spead to explain herself.

"Hey, hey! Calm down, all the head is rushing to your blood!" Kevin laughed, enjoying her discomfort a little but enjoying the knowledge that someone had a crush on Luke even more. "If you can get him to pay more attention to you than a home chemistry lab, I want to know your secret."

Kevin's words only served to deepen her blush, but for a whole different reason than before. Her smile was bitter as she said, "I doubt that will ever happen."

She looked at the floor, hiding behind a curtain of blonde hair. Taking a few seconds to steel herself, she quickly looked back up and forced a smile.

"You wanted me to show you 216?"

The grin on Kevin's face disappeared as he realized his error. His little brother would never see her as anything more than a classmate unless he became a pod person. "Yeah. Homework and all that."

Thankful for Kevin's fast uptake, Glynis gestured towards their destination, "It's just down here." She waited for Kevin to start down the hall before matching his speed.

"Y'know, people are always coming and going at our house, I'm sure if you could come over sometime and say 'hi', hang out, he'd enjoy it. Are you in AP Chem?" Kevin tried to make amends again by inviting her over.

"Yeah, we're lab partners actually. That is, he and I are in the same study group with another student; Friedman," Glynis shifted her books again and smiled down at Kevin. "Thank you for the invitation." Unsure of what else to say, she left it at that.

"I think half the AP Chem class has taken up residence at our house, you'll fit right in." Kevin thought that in another life when she wasn't 15 and he wasn't in a wheelchair he might've asked her out. She was cute in a sort of geeky way, yet nice. "Here's the phone number, feel free to call. I share this line with Joan and Luke." He handed her a crumpled piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it.

"Thanks," Glynis smiled shyly as she took the note, reading it quickly before shoving it into her skirt pocket. Kevin was turning out to be just as nice as Luke.

"Um...this is the class, right?" he looked up at the number next to the door frame which read '216'. Kevin turned around, pulling his backpack off the back of his chair and pulled out a stack of notebook paper from it. "Will you give this to him?"

"Yeah, I'll be glad to." Glynis said as she shifted her books to accept the papers.

"Then I'll see you around. I pretty much have no life so I'm always home." Kevin smiled up at her, "Bye!"

"It was nice meeting you," giving a little wave with her free hand, Glynis turned to open the door and enter the class room.
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