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LOG: who's going to see Bowie?

Kevin rolled into the house, coming home from work late, slamming the door.

The AP Chem study group looked up from their textbooks in the kitchen as he came in to grab some food. "What?" he growled, before anyone could say anything.

"Nothing," Joan replied, ignoring him. Sometimes it was just easier.

"Anyone here want to go to a David Bowie concert?" Kevin asked, after he had finished making his sandwich.

Again, silence met his question as six sets of eyes just looked at him blankly. "Bowie?" Grace repeated, "You like Bowie?"

"What?" Kevin replied, not surprised at her skepticism. From what Joan had told him, Grace believed the atypical to be typical. "I can't like Bowie?"

"Never pictured you as a Ziggy fan, that's all," she said, brushing some hair out of her face.

"You a Ziggy fan," Kevin challenged. Everyone else just looked on at the verbal sparring.

Grace rolled her eyes at the stupid question. "Of course."

"Then I'll pick you up the Friday after next," he told her, heading upstairs, "8:30!"
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