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MOD post 2

posts to individual journals (such as wheelsinthesky) are for personal persons, it can be Helen's grocery list or some deep introspective poetry from Grace. If you set it up so that the post can be found then any characters this affects can comment. Otherwise, characters should not respond to them, although players can comment and whatnot. Part of this so players can get a 'feel' for their character and so we, as players, know what each others characters are thinking.

posts to arcadia_life (such as this one) are for MOD posts (as I am loathe to go through the hassle of trying to create ANOTHER community tonight)LOG posts, or PLOT posts. Please specifiy which type of post they are (aka - players should only be posting LOG or PLOT posts) in large capital letters.

Logs are scenes between characters which take place in 3rd person past or present tense. Characters can comment on them if it is realistic that they do so, players, always can.

PLOT posts are just that - plot ideas or whatnot. feel free to post ideas.
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